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Geneus has supported over 90 innovation projects. Our alumni are thriving: with novel products,  angel financing, top startup awards, and strong teams. Startups such as EBAMed, Terapet,  Imverse and OneDoc, all started their project at Geneus.

Currently at Geneus

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AGORAMED is a TRUSTED digital pocket hospital that health workers can access anytime, serving as an enabling environment for Global Health Community members to generate solutions for today’s health problems, improving proximity to patients.
Apprie empowers patients with chronic illnesses to self-manage their illnesses and make the most out of their times when seeing their doctors. Patients are provided easy-to-use, intuitive tracking tools that allow them to make informed and quick adjustments to their treatment protocols based on symptoms changes and adverse side-effects.
Apprie first focuses on autoimmune illnesses and women’s health, sickle cell disease and diabetes management.

ArtemiX Biotech is a unique patented local drug delivery system helps vascular
surgeons who want to perform arterioveinous fistula surgery by preventing
vein obstruction and increasing quality of life for patients

Bodywell – The platform to manage everything that makes you feel good. Booking and managing platform for wellness services

CEDAM (previously D.T.A Formation) – We help companies protect the safety of their employees and strengthen cohesion in a simple and cost-effective way thanks to immersive and fun interactive video training

Consulto a virtual clinic specialized in team-based care. We make the journey of patients with complex health needs easy, coordinated and efficient, whenever interactions between different health professionals are needed. 

Foresightee – We use machine learning and forecasting to save food waste

Gimini Biosciences builds digital health solutions to improve outcomes of medical interventions.

The Global Health Security Fund is a Geneva-based nonprofit organization that supports impact investment in global health security innovations.  The GHS Fund helps scale financially sustainable solutions to health security challenges with a focus on SDG Impact in the Global South.

The Global Surgery Foundation (The GSF) works with governments and frontline providers to build surgical care systems that will save lives and decrease disability. Serving as a common platform for global surgery stakeholders, The GSF focuses on the low and middle-income countries which are furthest behind.

H-Integral – A 360º evaluation of maternal health and maternity care through an App that tracks women’s health during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum.

HoraceHealth develops AI-powered continuous wearable glucose monitoring system

iCure is a flexible backend platform for medical records and Digital Health solutions. Our clients use the iCure modules as building bricks to save money and time to market.

Impli delivers remote diagnostics with sub-dermal implants, sensors and data
analytics.Founded in 2019, our vision is to be the number one implantable
digital healthcare company worldwide. To do this, we are building an
ecosystem platform infrastructure around implantable technologies.

INNTRA designs and runs multidisciplinary, innovative and holistic 10 days wellbeing programs for children and adolescents. Our programs are measurable and are demonstrated to significantly and sustainably reduce trauma and anxiety symptoms

Lêlûn is a project to establish a company that seeks to achieve compatibility between economic activity,
adherence to environmental standards and respect for human rights.

MaxowayKeys for a better balance, a better quality of life and for aging well

At PhenomX Health we want to empower women to take control of their hormonal health and aging wellness journey.

We translate science to action by providing precision nutrition and an integrated digital solution that aims at reducing the frequency and severity of symptoms women face in menopause.

Insignera – We are building visualized multi-language avatars to perform SL for all the contents and screens. so, the TV channels and Madia makers can include the deaf in their audience.

At Planeto we want to accelerate the energy transition by digitalising the design process of heating and cooling systems. Our flagship product is TESSA, a user-friendly, web-based energy planning software to make district heating and cooling network planning faster, more efficient, mora accurate, and more cost effective.

Yvan Freund, Medical Art & Communication – In the hospital, clinicians, physicians and doctors share complex medical information, it is a time consuming process that sometimes leads to misunderstandings. My solution turns complex medical information into clear and simple visuals easily accessible on digital platforms, thus saving time and energy for doctors

QualyTeeth – Firstly, we provide a Mobile Application that improves the transparency and traceability in the relationship between dentists and their patients. Through the App patients have direct access to their dental history and treatments that have been done on their teeth. Secondly, we provide an Online Marketplace for dental material, instruments and equipment that dentists and other dental-care related practitioners use in their daily practice at advantageous prices

InnProgress – In the post pandemic world, education institutions are shifting their activities to a virtual mode of collaboration. An increasing number of these institutions are looking for solutions to increase collaboration efficiency, optimize project outcomes, reducing the monitoring cost. InnProgress is a creative project visualization tool to organize, visualize and share a project journey. It helps students to engage with a community, directly connect, get inspired by other people’s projects and re-purpose them through an open repository of projects. Please let me know if you need more information

Virtuosis aims to enhance team collaboration and well-being at work. Our proprietary AI provides feedback about communication skills, mood, burnout, and team conflict risks just by analyzing the voice!

Diabetes and prediabetes are reversible by restricting carbohydrates, thus healing metabolic disease. Sugar addiction, underlying diabetes, is reversible by replenishing neuronutrients and thus restoring brain biochemistry. Combined, these two interventions ensure sustainable and long-lasting success.

WaveVision – Early breast cancer detection based on microwave technology

Since our launch at the end of 2016, Geneus has already supported more than 90 projects.

Our Alumni include:

Geneus Alumni

Aptimea is an expertise accelerator for nutritionists, in the form of an online platform combining personalized training, diagnostics and consultation management in one place.

ArcoScreen develops a new screening service directly on native cells to identify the mode of action of drugs targeting cell membrane receptors. This could enable the accelerated discovery of drugs for Alzheimer’s disease, cancer or diabetes

FluoSphera proposes a new generation of cell-based assays to life science laboratories and companies for the reliable characterization of compounds affecting human health. FluoSphera assays mimic communications between human organs to better predict the effects of molecules, thus helping to better protect people from harmful compounds

EBA-Med – Innovative solutions for non-invasive and automated treatment of heart arrhythmias

Terapet – Improving proton therapy in cancer treatment

Imverse – Imverse’s groundbreaking mixed reality renders you inside VR

One Doc – one platform for doctors and patients

HIEX – Connecting countries, innovations and investments to solve challenges in healthcare

HeroSupport – 3D printed shells to improve positioning of breast cancer patients for radiotherapy

Vesta Biosciences – biotech solutions for healthier living

SPIDEN – Bringing technologies from research institutions and R&D companies to industrial, medical and consumer applications

ID Gene – ecodiagnostics

MakeMyMask –  smart natural solutions for the beauty industry

Water Inception – Make water out of air for refugees

Allure Sauvage –  offers a new style of maroquinerie, without cruelty nor plastic, only plant-based materials. Made in Switzerland by women in professional reintegration.

Empowerment Lab – Empowerment Lab was created as a community for young girls to explore the world of digital technology by playing with different digital tools to produce great designs, websites, mobile apps, audio-visual media, animations.

TalisLife is a science-based digital health platform that will drive the user from stress & anxiety towards sustainable healthy performance. Athletes are trained to switch from stress & uncertainty into control and optimal performance – with TalisLife, each user will learn to do the same

 xMotion – Accessible wearable hands-free technology, so anyone with severe paralysis will be able to autonomously interact with any device from anywhere at any time by performing voluntary movements of the face

Schedule8 – Automated schedule generation and management tool

Etika – Transforming family care through personalized home support that you can easily control from an online dashboard. We offer high quality home assistance by combining best care professionals with advanced AI. technology

ProSeed proposes a plant-based and local protein isolate from Brewer Spent
Grains (BSG), easily integrable as an ingredient by food industries, to diversify
people’s amino acid intake. Our solution maximizes the use of crops
produced locally, minimizes food waste, and requires no cultivable lands, for better health, and a better planet.

Safe-It is a furniture reinforcement add-on system for disaster avoidance designed to transform ordinary furniture into shelters. Safe-It`s modular design allows it to be used with different types of furniture, whilst providing physical protection against falling objects and containing essential supplies that are crucial for the survivals of a disaster.

Komacell Mask is producing a new generation of face masks made with bacterial bio- cellulose. Our transparent and biodegradable face masks help health professionals, deaf and hard of hearing individuals, people working in schools and contact centers to communicate better and increase social interaction while providing assured protection and are also eco-friendly, unlike standard polypropylene and tissue masks that prevent our ability to see facial expressions and are not eco-friendly

The Euro-African Observatory of Artificial Intelligence – is a Think and Act tank that works for an ethical culture of artificial intelligence in Africa. Its activities are based on three main areas: research in AI ethics, Training in the ethics of artificial intelligence, and Scientific incubation.

Daphne is the fastest human way to engage online with your followers, customers, and supporters by rapidly sending messages and responding to comments on multiple platforms simultaneously. Don’t be a robot: humanize your digital interactions with Daphne

Cool Clinical is a non-profit consortium of clinical and computational scientists, dedicated to developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) approaches to cancer. We have, for the first time, developed successful AI-based systems for predicting the outcomes of clinical drug trials. This could lead to practical tools for precision medicine. This could also form the basis of innovative strategies for drug development, which improve efficacy and drug safety.