Bring your ideas to life

Bring your ideas to life

Geneus has supported over 50 innovation projects. Our alumni are thriving: with novel products,  angel financing, top startup awards, and strong teams. Startups such as EBAMedImverse and OneDoc, all started their project at Geneus.

Currently at Geneus

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CEDAM (previously D.T.A Formation) – Coaching urgencies medical staff (ambulances)

Fem.Friendly – addresses the issue of menstrual hygiene and the importance for all menstruators to have adequate facilities to manage their menstruation properly and with dignity

Geneva Pharma Network

Girls Tech Playground – Girls Tech Playground was created as a community for young girls to explore the world of digital technology by playing with different digital tools to produce great designs, websites, mobile apps, audio-visual media, animations.

H-App – patient feedback app for hospitals

HeroSupport – 3D printed shells to improve positioning of breast cancer patients for radiotherapy

ID Gene – ecodiagnostics

Inntra – new approach to manage mental traumas

MakeMyMask –  smart natural solutions for the beauty industry

MindMatters – Catalysing implementation of youth mental-health research 


Richard Polifka (CERN) – platform linking the CERN research community with commercial entities in Life Sciences

Scaphe – emotional intelligence to robots

Sim4Tech – Simulations for Pharma

SYNC – solutions in neuroscience focused on mental health

Terapet – Improving proton therapy in cancer treatment

TWG –  funding platform for early-stage life sciences startups

Kuranos –  Monitoring solutions for Parkinsons

Vesta Biosciences – biotech solutions for healthier living

xMotion – chin-worn medical device allowing severely paralyzed patients to control a robot arm to assist them in their everyday activities

Since our launch at the end of 2016, Geneus has already supported more than 50 projects.

Our Alumni include:

Geneus Alumni

Neurak- Headset relaxation and Brain Wave sensor

ABCDx – Diagnostic Platform

Adam Sobczuk – Health monitoring wearable

Allure Sauvage –  offers a new style of maroquinerie, without cruelty nor plastic, only plant-based materials. Made in Switzerland by women in professional reintegration.

Arinzi Awiligwe – Tracking fake medicines

AQrion Medical – Medical device to improve minimally invasive surgeries

BeBips – Personalized food supplements/ vitamins


CincoPares – Health monitoring wearables

CONCERTO – Patient app for in hospital

Curanos – UV Patch

Diana – Development of dosimetry system for radiotherapy and radio diagnostics

EBA-Med – Innovative solutions for non-invasive and automated treatment of heart arrhythmias

HeadToToe – Online repository for doctors

HUG – Smart Consent – Digitalisation of consentments

Ibticare – Self-cleaning surfaces

Imverse – Imverse’s groundbreaking mixed reality renders you inside VR

Ingreader – We analyze labels to find the best, most valuable and least harmful products in beauty products

Invilico – Optimize cell factories

Ivan Topolsky – Adrenaline adding functionality to defibrillator

Jessica Aellen – Search engine for alternative medicine

Lyfe – an affordable, portable, reliable, and easy-to-use UV spectral imaging device to provide early-stage diagnosis of common oral diseases

Mabsense – Various testing solutions for Pharma

NaturalDente – innovative way to produce dental implants

Nevrasys – provide a platform for early detection of dementia with AI

Periscope – Medical device to diagnose the degenerations of small nervous fibres at early stages

Propulsyo – Bringing Supply Chain Solutions to the Life Sciences Industry

Pulses – Transparency in pharma supply chain

Omni Navigation – Navigational belt for the blind

One Doc – one platform for doctors and patients

REACH2020 – Responsive Engagement of the Elderly promoting Activity and Customized Healthcare

SPIDEN – Bringing technologies from research institutions and R&D companies to industrial, medical and consumer applications

Subcell Tech – Detection kit for Alzheimer’s disease

Switch Tag – Safety device for boaters. (Winner of 2017 Meilleure Idée contest)

Water Inception – Make water out of air for refugees