Currently at Geneus

REACH2020 – Responsive Engagement of the Elderly promoting Activity and Customized Healthcare

Richard Polifka (CERN) – Platform linking Science to business

Mabsense – Various testing solutions for Pharma

Fem-Friendly – Fem.Friendly addresses the issue of menstrual hygiene and the importance for all menstruators to have adequate facilities to manage their menstruation properly and with dignity.

3D_PRT – Solutions for radiotherapy

Viosense – We at VioSense aim to create an affordable, portable, reliable, and easy-to-use UV spectral imaging device to provide early-stage diagnosis of common oral diseases.

Nevrasys – CERN and Campus Biotech scientists

D.T.A Formation – 1st aid trainings and simulations adapted to all case scenarios

AQrion Medical – Medical device to improve minimally invasive surgeries

PEToP – Positron Emission Tomography on Patients



Our Alumni

Since our launch at the end of 2016, Geneus has already supported more than 20 projects. Our Alumni include:

Periscope – Medical device to diagnose the degenerations of small nervous fibres at early stages

Subcell Tech – Detection kit for Alzheimer’s disease

EBA-Med – Innovative solutions for non-invasive and automated treatment of heart arrhythmias

SPIDEN – Bringing technologies from research institutions and R&D companies to industrial, medical and consumer applications

CincoPares – Health monitoring wearables

Diana – We apply pharmaco- and psychophysiological techniques to study the biological basis of human behaviour and mental illness

Ingreader – We analyse labels to find the best, most valuable and least harmful products.




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